On alert away and at office

Be aware of changes and routines in your business Critical Areas, Offices, Archive Rooms, Server Rooms, Warehouse, Factory and more with innovative alarm design by OnGuard Security Solutions

Proactive Alarm Service

While physical barriers are necessary defense measures, proactive alarm services from OnGuard Security Solutions will greatly improve your protection level.

Smart Security Alarms

Our Professional Alarm Systems have smart rules that take into considerations conditions you can set and control, such as

Smart Alarm Alerts

While most alarms provide audible alerts and Central station notifications, we give the owners and tenants a lot more:

  • Mobile App Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • SMS Alerts

Our Alarms are Smart by Design

We, at OnGuard Security Solutions, design comprehensive 24/7 Security Alarm Monitoring solutions for Warehouse, Office, Factory, Places of worship, Fitness clubs, Restaurants, Hotels and more.

Fast high quality commercial alarm deployments by OnGuard Security Solutions