Monitored Fire Alarms

Smoke Alarms

Detect fire with the first sign – smoke. Act quickly. Stay safe.

Smoke contains poisonous particles and gases – products of modern composites burning. Most fire accident deaths are caused by smoke. Fire may be little, but it always produces poisonous smoke. Save lives with smoke alarms by OnGuard Security Solutions.

Fire (Heat) Alarms

Detect flames and heat. Protect your tangible assets. Assure business continuity. Save lives.

Annually fire incidents claim millions in assets loss, business process disruptions, insurance premiums increases and more. Protect your business with fire alarms by OnGuard Security Solutions.

CO Alarms

Defend from an invisible enemy – deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas

CO poisoning is extremely dangerous and even deadly. CO sensors are usually installed in buildings with natural gas heaters and furnaces. Save lives with Carbon Monoxide Alarms by OnGuard Security Solutions

Our multi-sensor alarms reduce the chances of false alarms sent to the police, give you the assurance of your property and people safety.

Fire and Smoke Alarms for your Business and Life Safety too.

24 hr monitoring save lives and reducses damage

by OnGuard Security Solutions