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Football Italian is delighted to bring you the latest edition of our live blog.

First, the news:The first match of the 2014/15 Serie A season is now over, but what do we know from the first leg?

The game, played at the San Siro, saw a very different set-up from the previous one, as Milan beat Juventus 3-0 in the first half of the second leg, as well as by a much bigger margin in the second.

The home side were not a match for Juventus and Juve, despite being in the Champions League, did not even manage to reach the first-leg, with Juve taking the lead with a stunning goal in the 55th minute.

This match was one of the most entertaining and exciting to watch in Serie A this season, and we had some very nice pictures of the crowd in the stands and on the sidelines.

We also saw the introduction of a new system, with a 3-4-3 system in place, which has been adopted by both the Serie A and La Liga teams, with both the Italian and English teams adopting it.

However, the home side’s midfield looked a bit confused, and that is understandable, given that they are not used to using that system and are unfamiliar with it.

The first half was very promising, as both sides were able to get out of their respective traps, and it was a pity that the first goal was not scored for the first 10 minutes of the match, as they looked a little nervous and frustrated.

This was the first game in Serie B in which both teams were able on a consistent basis to create chances, and the goal was an obvious one, coming from a Milan pass, although Juventus’ goalkeeper could not keep out the shot.

Juventus have improved their tactical and technical skills over the last few seasons, and have developed a very promising attacking line, as evidenced by their excellent goalscoring record.

The second leg will be played at Milan’s Camp Nou stadium on Sunday, December 9, as part of the Champions Leagues.

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