How to make a doll from a dog

An anime-loving Irish woman has turned an old sofa into a dog-like doll that can transform into a human or an animal.

The Irish Times reports the woman, who goes by the name Molly Animal Crossing, created the adorable doll with a combination of foam, cardboard and some paper clips.

She said the doll would transform to a human when it was aroused, which can be a problem when it is sitting around with other people.

“I wanted it to be able to turn into a person,” Molly said.

“It would be like a doll in human form but a little bit more friendly.”

The doll, which she calls Molly Animal, can also talk to humans and animals.

She created the doll by putting some foam pieces on the floor of a coffee table, which is then covered with cardboard, paper clips and a little doll that looks like a dog.

Molly Animal then makes a “tongue” out of cardboard that can be attached to the cardboard, which then becomes the doll.

She added the doll can walk on two legs, but the legs are covered with foam pieces.

The doll can turn into human form, but not into a wolf, bear or tiger, Molly Animal said.

“If you are walking along with your friend, the foam will grab on the back of your neck and then you can start to feel the bite of the dog,” she said.

Molly Animal said the foam piece is made of cardboard and paper, so it would not stick to anything.

The foam pieces can also be glued to the back, sides and neck of the doll, making it easier to remove the foam.

The dolls face is made from paper clips, but Molly Animal added that it could be changed if she wanted to.

The original sofa, which was made in 2007, is about 30 centimetres (12 inches) tall and 10 centimetre (4 inches) wide.

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