New video shows the moment a tiger attacked a man with a hammer

A young man was left fighting for his life after a tiger punched him in the head with a machete in central Australia’s northern BHP Billiton region.

Key points:A man is fighting for life after he was attacked by a tiger in BHP’s Bylestone, Bylie, on ThursdayThe man was attacked in the Bylerton, Blyestone, area of the BHP family ranch in BylestonA group of hunters have posted video of the incident to FacebookThe man, who has not been named, was hunting for a stag in Blyeston on Thursday afternoon when he was confronted by a female tiger in a nearby area.

“She got up and she got down on her knees and just started swinging her tail at us,” he said.

“I tried to kick her away and she just kept coming.”

The attack left him in a life-threatening condition, but he survived and managed to walk out of the area without injury.

He posted a video on Facebook of the moment he was knocked to the ground and then the tiger jumped on top of him.

“It’s not like you see a tiger just swinging it around like that, that’s really dangerous,” he wrote.

“They’re big and powerful.

It was like a knife blade in my eye.”BHP’s Mr Coyle said he had taken the video because the attack was too dangerous for the men to continue.”

Our hunters are extremely careful, we’ll get in touch with the hunters and try and help them out,” he told the ABC.”

There’s probably a bit of fear and panic in the minds of the hunters, and it’s a bit too dangerous.”

Bylestone has a large population of wild animals, but most are not considered threats to humans.

The man’s sister, Lizzie, said the family was grateful for the support.

“Everyone’s kind of shocked at the same time and the fact he survived, it’s really quite amazing, it makes us feel better about ourselves,” she said.BHP has not released any details about the attack.

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