‘I’m so excited’: Anime hairstyle blogger gets ‘love from the heart’

The Hill – A blogger with an anime hair style has been “loved” by a pet owner.

Ruth D. Sill, of Arlington, Va., began a series of Instagram posts about her love for Japanese anime hairstyles in January.

She has since received more than 300 likes, and has received messages from fans who are looking for help.

Sill told The Hill she had “a lot of friends in Japan who are in anime,” and was “very touched” by the support she has received.

She shared several photos of the fans who have taken her to the Japanese anime community, including her friend who made a cake for her to receive the post.

“I had so many people tell me they loved it,” Sill said.

“It made me feel like, I’m a human being.

I’m not just a toy.”

Sill said she started her Instagram account to share her love of anime, and now, she posts videos from her personal collections of anime-themed outfits.

She said she had a lot of fun creating these “beautiful” outfits for the fans.

Sampo said she and her husband are “really happy to have received so much support from this community.”

“We feel so blessed to be able to share our style with the world,” Sampo said.

Sumpo and her daughter, Ashley, said they have been receiving messages from Japanese anime fans since their Instagram posts began.

“I just feel so grateful that it’s made such a big impact in our lives,” Sampole said.

“The world can be a scary place sometimes.

There are people who don’t know how to feel,” Sampote added.

“The more you can do, the more we can be together.

I hope that our love and our stories and our style can help others to have the same kind of feelings.”

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