What to watch for in ‘Aqua Kitty’ episode

There’s a reason why Aqua Kitty’s popularity is soaring.

The series, a spinoff of the beloved Aqua Kitty anime series, is a hit among teen girls and has been nominated for a Golden Globe, Emmy, Tony, and BAFTA.

Its popularity has reached the point where the company, which makes the animated characters, is releasing more characters.

But as of this past weekend, Aqua Kitty no longer has a show in the works, according to a post on the company’s official website.

The post said the anime will end on August 17, with the following two episodes released every Tuesday.

If you were wondering why there were no more Aqua Kitty shows this past summer, the reason is simple: Aqua Kitty is now in the midst of its second season, and that means there are no new episodes.

The show’s creators, Kōji Katō and Mika Mizushima, said the show is “getting closer and closer to the end,” according to an interview with The Verge.

It’s unclear if the show will have another season this fall.

The company has released new trailers for episodes that aired on the show, and the company said it will release new episodes for the rest of this summer.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out the new trailer for “Aqua Girl,” below.

Watch more from “Aquaman” in the player below:

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