Aya and the two dogs that were too cute to get on a plane

Yuri is one of the most famous Japanese anime characters.

She’s the main character of the anime series Yuri-sama ga Hitotsu no Rakuen, which aired in 1996 and was adapted into a manga in 1999.

Aya, her two dogs and her cat are her main characters.

Aiya is a female Japanese dog who is the sister of an elderly Japanese woman.

The two dogs are called the Yuris and are voiced by the famous Japanese voice actress Ayane Sakura.

The cats are named Kaguya and Yukio.

The Yurisan family has lived in Japan for more than 200 years, but the cats were left behind when Aya became a woman in the 1960s.

A Yuri fan group organized a contest to get Aya to join their canine team.

When she entered the contest, she had a hard time keeping up with the other contestants.

They all thought she was a cute cat, so she had to ask for help to become a cat.

She got the help of the Yuri fans, and soon, she became a popular member of the canine team as she has since.

But when Aiya began to develop allergies, she asked for help from her fans.

In 2016, the YURIS were chosen as the canine mascots of the 2016 Tokyo Olympics, and the dogs have been a part of the Tokyo Olympics since.

Yurisha is the mascot for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the YURI fan group has been organizing fan events and competitions to raise money for Aya’s health.

So, what’s going on with Yurisa?

What happened to the Yuru family that has been with us since the 1960’s?

We are the first Japanese dog to win the 2016 Olympic Games and now Aya is a fan favorite.

However, the dog’s name has been changed to Yurissa.

We thought that was funny, but we were so surprised when the fans started calling the dog Yuri.

The fans thought that it was funny to change the name of the dog to a mascot, but in reality, the name was actually Yuriso.

The dog is now named Aya after Ayane’s voice actress.

The name Aya was given to her by the fans who have always been loyal to Aya.

What’s more, she has a sister named Yuriza who was also given the name Yuri by Ayane.

So Yuri has become one of our favorite mascots.

When we heard that the dogs were chosen for the Olympic mascot team, we thought it was great.

When they announced the name change, the fans had no idea why.

Yuri was already known for her cute personality and cute look.

But the name has become so popular that many people have come up with all sorts of creative names for the dog.

The fan groups have started creating the Yura mascot clothing and hats.

We also wanted to name Yura after Ayana and so we decided to use the name Aura.

But we didn’t know what to call her.

We were very disappointed when we learned that she had been renamed to Aura, but there are people who say she’s still Yuri and we still want to keep her.

What is Yuri’s current whereabouts?

Currently, Aya remains in Japan, and she’s hoping to make her home in Japan.

We are still hopeful that Aya will eventually make her way to Japan.

Aura is a Japanese cat, and Aya has her own Japanese language book, which is called “Aura and Aaya”.

So we want to make sure that Aaya is a favorite.

But what will happen if Aya does not make it to Japan?

We can only pray that AYA will come back to us.

Will Aya be the mascot of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

We would love to see Aya make her Olympic debut at the 2020 Olympics.

We can’t wait!

What are the chances of Aya becoming the mascot at the Tokyo Games?

The chances of her winning are very slim.

The only thing that we have in mind is that we hope that Aayana will come to Japan and bring her sister Yurishia with her.

Will there be a Japanese version of Yuri?


Aaya and Aura will be voiced by Ayana Yurizuka, a Japanese actress who has a large fan following.

She also wrote the official Japanese language version of the official English-language version of Auri.

So we hope to see the two mascots appearing in the Japanese version.

Are there other dogs in Japan that can be Yuriseas pets?

Yes, there are other dogs that are cute and can be pets, but they are usually given to the people and used as pets.

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