Puppy’s Big Anime Tattoos Are Now Available Online

Puppy porn stars are finally getting their very own tattoo!

Today, the website PuppyPorn.com announced the launch of their first tattoo gallery, which features more than 100 of the furry animal porn stars.

“We’ve created a place where fans can learn more about the industry and its artists and have access to unique tattoos,” a representative for Puppy Porn told BuzzFeed News.

“And we’re bringing the best porno to the world, too!”

The site also offers a gallery of furry art from a variety of animal porn actresses.

“These are the best animals we’ve ever seen,” said Porn Star Bikini Princess Ashley.

“I want my fans to know what we do.

They can see how it’s done and see it for themselves.”

The Puppy Porn website was created in 2013 by four members of the Adult Video News (AVN) crew.

Porn star Lauren Fausto, who also works in AVN, said that the site began as a hobby.

“As soon as I heard about the site I knew I wanted to get into it,” Fausto told BuzzFeed.

“It was kind of a hobby, and I had no idea it would become a business.”

Fausto said that she was a little nervous when she first started the site, but the members of AVN were supportive of her vision.

“They wanted to make sure we had a healthy and safe environment,” she said.

“The people who helped me get here are awesome people, and they’re very supportive.

We’ve got a great team, and it’s very supportive of the project.”

Faust, who works as a model, has had a few tattoo requests.

“My mom got me a cute, furry animal tattoo last year,” Faust said.

Faust’s mother, a model herself, was one of the first to approve of the tattoo.

“She’s a huge fan of the company, and when I first heard about Puppy, I was really excited to have her tattooed,” Fausti said.

Now, Fausto is the first model to have a furry tattoo on her body.

“Every time I get an order I have to go back and re-do it, so I’m super excited to be able to do that with Puppy,” she added.

“PuppyPronter is just another way to show my fandom to my fans and friends, and show how much I love them.”

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