The Simpsons: The Big Picture

The Big Problem is the story of the most unlikely, yet highly important, relationship ever formed between two of the Simpsons’ biggest fans.

The two met in the 1970s when Homer and Bart were teenagers.

As the show’s writers worked to develop the characters’ lives, their relationship became increasingly strained, with Homer and his family often having to go to extremes to keep their son from taking the wrong turn and making his dad mad.

And they had a long and fraught relationship, one that, when it came to their daughter Lisa, was often seen as a way of trying to protect her from the consequences of her father’s actions.

The Big Issue: Lisa and her father.

This image from the Simpsons season five episode “A Moustache and a Fur Coat” was made possible by a collaboration between The Simpsons’ writers, Bryan Lee O’Malley and Loren Bouchard.

It shows Lisa and a dog who Homer calls Moustacharge.

The Simpsons writers used the idea of a dog as a metaphor for the dog-like relationship between Homer and Lisa.

In the original script for the episode, the relationship between the two characters was not as complex as it was in the show, but the writers were unable to write it in the way they wanted.

As they wrote the script, the writers began to notice the problems they had with the relationship, so they started to work on ways to fix it.

For instance, in “The Boy Who Knew Too Much,” Lisa starts to have doubts about whether she’s really a girl.

As a result, in the first episode of the fifth season, “Lisa and Her Family,” Homer asks Lisa and Bart to move to Springfield so that he can live with them.

Homer explains that this is an important thing for the family to do and he can’t afford to be separated from his son.

Homer says that it’s important to them because if they leave, it’ll be a problem.

But Lisa says that she doesn’t think that way.

She says that Homer should stay and she’ll stay.

They agree, and Lisa’s parents give her a job in a factory to make clothes for them.

Lisa has the opportunity to take the jobs her dad gives her, but she refuses and ends up staying at the factory.

The next day, the Simpsons find that their son has become a bit of a troublemaker, even though she and Homer had agreed to move back to Springfield.

The episode ends with Lisa and Homer sitting in a diner, eating their first dinner together.

In the episode’s first scene, Homer is having breakfast with his family, and when he notices that Lisa is having a bad day, he tells her, “It’s okay, I’ll do anything for you.”

Lisa responds, “That’s so stupid.

I can’t eat breakfast with you anymore, you know?”

In “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest,” Lisa becomes pregnant after a drunken night of drinking.

She has no idea that she’s pregnant until her husband, Fred, walks into the room and sees her.

He sees her as he sees her daughter, but it turns out that she is pregnant with her own child.

The next morning, when Lisa comes home, she tells her husband that Fred is not in the room.

Later, when she goes to the kitchen to prepare a meal for the baby, she sees the baby and asks her husband to help her take care of it.

He goes to his work place and, to her surprise, finds a young woman there.

She asks her to take her clothes off and puts them in a basket on the stove.

Fred asks if she wants to put them in the oven and she says yes.

The baby begins to cry, but Lisa tells Fred to just leave it alone.

When the baby is older, she takes it to the hospital and has it checked out.

The young woman says that the baby has a birth defect.

Lisa tells the hospital that she thinks the baby must have been born by mistake.

At the end of the episode “Lisa Goes to the Rescue,” Homer says to Lisa, “Don’t you ever forget how you feel.”

The words “Lisa’s” were written by a writer named Gary Goldman.

The image of the couple kissing in “Lisa” has a different meaning for Lisa than for her.

“Lisa goes to rescue the baby from a zoo, which makes me feel sad,” Lisa says.

“But I also feel like a hero.”

The episode, which aired on October 31, 1987, marks the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons airing.

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