When I was little, anime made me happy

I used to be a kid who loved to watch anime.

I loved it.

In fact, it was the only thing I loved.

I even had a collection of anime I wanted to watch in my room and a shelf full of books.

But when I was younger, my parents stopped watching anime and I was left alone.

I remember thinking, What if anime were actually a real thing?

I was never able to find my own anime.

When I started making anime drawings, I began to make my own story.

And now I am drawing my own stories.

In a video posted to her Facebook page, artist Eileen Lee-Foster shared the story of how she started drawing her own stories and the lessons she learned from her parents.

Lee-Floster said that her parents, who are divorced, were supportive of her.

“I thought they would be proud of me if I had a successful career, and they weren’t,” she said.

“They just assumed that I would make something of myself.

They were happy that I was learning and making something out of my own experiences and dreams.”

Eileen shared that she started making her own manga and comic books when she was a teenager and had been drawing comics since then.

Eileen Lee – Drawing manga on the back of a copy of The New Yorker magazine.

Lee said she was drawn to drawing as a child because she thought it was a safe outlet to express herself.

“It was a time when it was acceptable to be afraid,” she explained.

“You were afraid of death and things like that.”

Lee-San, who grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, said that while she was an avid gamer, she never thought she would ever be a professional illustrator.

“My parents never encouraged me to pursue anything,” she told CNN.

“As far as drawing, they were very supportive of me but it was never about what I was drawing.

It was just me.”

In her video, Lee-Faust shares the story that her mother encouraged her to pursue.

“When I was growing up, my mother taught me that it was OK to be scared of death,” she shared.

“She also taught me to never think that I could be anything more than a child and just be myself.

My parents encouraged me, but they also made sure that I never became obsessed with anything.

They did the same for me.”

Lee and her mother also encouraged Lee-Fu, who was an aspiring actor.

“The older I got, the more I became interested in the arts and wanted to become an actress,” she recalled.

“So, they encouraged me by saying, ‘If you want to do this, then go ahead.’

I did.

Lee’s parents taught Lee that drawing was important. “

But my mom never thought that I should do this.”

Lee’s parents taught Lee that drawing was important.

“And as I got older, it started to become my hobby,” she added.

“For years, I never thought of myself as an artist.”

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