‘Anime Boy Hair’ to star in new anime film

UPDATE (May 13, 2018) The Japanese animation studio Shaft has announced that Anime Boy’s Hair, its upcoming live-action movie adaptation of Yūsuke “Yūsuki” Nagai ‘s beloved series of short stories, will open in Japan on April 1, 2018.

The film will feature two key characters: the protagonist of the story, Shota Tsuchiya, who is a student at the anime-centric Akashic Records School for Young People in Tokyo and the film’s director, Kazuki Yamamoto, who previously worked on films like Love-Ru and the forthcoming Love-R and a spinoff, Love-Yuri.

It will also feature a new supporting cast that includes a young woman named Yuko Mizuno, who will play a role in the film and will be voiced by the voice actress who voiced Shota in the original series.

“Anime Boys Hair” will be directed by Yoshikazu Yasuhara, who has previously worked with Yamamoto on films including Yūsaku Akiba and the upcoming Love-Z.

The original anime series was first serialized in Kadokawa Shoten ‘s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1999.

The manga has spawned an anime spinoff series, Love and Friendship with the World’s Largest Boy.

The animated film will be a collaboration between Shaft and Kodansha ‘s Kadokami label, and will premiere at Tokyo’s TBS television station on April 3.

The movie, which has a budget of $3.8 million (about ¥17.5 million), will have a premiere in Japan in 2018.

“The movie and the new story are going to be very similar,” Yoshikado told the Associated Press.

“It’s not like the story is going to differ in any way.

I think it will be the same, but the story will be different.”

A new “Anima Boy Hair” manga series, which will be serialized this spring, is also slated to premiere this fall.

In the original manga, Shogo Miyazaki is a young boy who is in the company of a “magical” and “animal-loving” boy named Yūshiro.

Shota is a talented musician who plays in a band called the Akashikaru.

His mother is a popular beauty queen.

When Yūshi is born, he is very timid and shy, and often cries when he’s with Yū, his mother and other people.

His new life as an orphan, as well as his new-found love for his mother, are the focus of the manga series.

The story has also inspired an anime series, a manga video game, a web series, an animated movie, a stage play, and a live-Action movie.

The television series is slated to debut in 2019.

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