The Best and Worst of 2014-2015’s Anime Series

It was a great year for anime.

And yet, there are so many anime series that fall into the category of “great” and “awful.”

Here are some of the best and worst, ranked by their quality and depth of content.

Note: The scores below are based on my personal taste, not necessarily the average of other critics.

If you have a favorite, let us know in the comments.

The Best:Sakura Gakuin – 1.5/10This was one of the most critically acclaimed anime of the year.

It was filled with characters that felt human, a mixture of realistic action and quirky moments.

Its characters, plot, and setting all felt like they belonged in the same show, and the story was filled to the brim with character growth and character development.

It has a good amount of humor, as well.

The series also had some good acting throughout, which helped bring the series back from the brink of cancellation.

It’s also worth noting that the show had a large cast of original voices, which was a good way to introduce a new cast to fans.

The Worst:Akame ga Kill – 1/10Akame Ga Kill was a strange beast.

It had its own distinct flavor, but it felt very much like a continuation of a previous franchise.

There were also some interesting character choices, but the overall tone of the series felt more like a throwback than anything else.

There was no overarching plot or character development to follow, and there were no memorable moments.

The show was also written by Takashi Miike, who had previously written the manga and anime adaptations of the Sword Art Online novels, so it had to rely on the manga as a basis for its plot.

The writing and animation were also very poor, which didn’t help its chances of success.

This article originally appeared on Polygon and is republished here under Creative Commons license.

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