Haikyuu Anime Gets Another New Movie Title “Maniac”

The haikyuu-animation studio has been busy lately, with its latest title “Maneuvering”, the second half of the series of anime shorts that debuted in July.

The anime’s creators are still deciding on the title for the second part of the film, but the story is set in the future, where robots have been created.

The title will be revealed later this month.

In the anime, a young girl named Yui (voiced by Megumi Kimura) has a crush on a young man named Kenichi (voided by Hiroshi Sakuraba).

Kenichi has a special talent that makes him a genius.

However, he is also a boy.

His genius is his love for motorcycles.

Kenichi goes out to find motorcycles and gets them stolen, and gets into a bike chase.

Kenichan eventually crashes and is left for dead.

Keniya, the hero of the story, helps him find the motorcycle.

Keni and Kenichi eventually meet a girl named Hachiro (voanced by Ayumi Yamamoto), who is also the son of Kenichi’s friend and fellow classmate, Atsushi.

Hachiru’s older sister, Akiko (Kana Hanazawa), is also trying to find the motorcycles, but Kenichi is not interested.

Kenichi gets a job at a motorcycle factory and becomes a hero.

He gets the help of the girls of the town, and eventually starts a motorcycle club called the “Motorcycle Club” (or MCC).

Keni, Hachirou, and the other members get married, and a motorcycle dealership is established.

They sell motorcycles, and they are able to fund their motorcycle club with their own savings.

Kenihime, a member of the motorcycle club, has a dream to become a mechanic, and he decides to become an astronaut.

Kenie, the son, wants to become the same way, and also decides to get married.

But in the end, he doesn’t end up marrying.

Maneus and Hachiryu’s relationship is one of the most popular in the haikyū series, and it was recently adapted into a manga.

A second anime adaptation of the haiku manga, titled “Mannish Man”, will premiere this month in Japan.

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